BATS Time Series of Cell Concentrations

Depth: 140 m
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These are the data that appear in DuRand et al (2001 DuRand, M.D., R.J. Olson, and S.W. Chisholm. Phytoplankton population dynamics at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Station in the Sargasso Sea. Deep-Sea Research II, 48(8-9), 1983-2003.)

Corresponding environmental variables can be found in the BATS data archives (http://www.bios.edu/research/bats.html) .

As the ProPortal grows and matures, we will be providing this type of data for Prochlorococcus populations and ecotypes at both the Hawaii Ocean Time Series (HOT: http://hahana.soest.hawaii.edu/hot/hot_jgofs.html) and BATS sites, as well as other ocean transects.

Raw data