External IDs
Taxonomy ID: 84588
GenBank ID: BX548020

PLoS Genet. 2007 Dec;3(12):e231.
Patterns and Implications of Gene Gain and Loss In The Evolution of Prochlorococcus

Nature. 2003 Aug 28;424(6952):1037-42. Epub 2003 Aug 13.
The Genome of A Motile Marine Synechococcus

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Synechococcus Genome Syn_WH8102
Genome Sequence Info

Size: 2434428 bp
GC content: 59.41 %
Sequenced by: DOE Joint Genome Institute
Protein-coding Genes: 2787
5S rRNA Genes: 2
16s rRNA Genes: 2
23S rRNA Genes: 2
tRNA Genes: 43
Other non-coding rRNA Genes: 2
misc RNA Genes: 0
Ecological Info
Ecotype: N/A
Habitat: Aquatic
Temperature Range: Mesophilic
Isolation Method: N/A
Isolation Location: Sargasso Sea 22°29.7'N, 65°36'W , N/A
Additional Info: This strain is a motile strain that can be grown in both natural and artificial seawater liquid media. It was isolated from the tropical Atlantic ocean in 1981. The genome contains evidence of many phage integration events and analysis of the metabolic pa
Alternative Names: None