External IDs
Taxonomy ID: 59931
GenBank ID: AAOK00000000

Genome Biol. 2008 May 28;9(5):R90.
Unravelling the genomic mosaic of a ubiquitous genus of marine cyanobacteria.

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Synechococcus Genome Syn_WH7805
Genome Sequence Info

Size: 2620367 bp
GC content: 57.63 %
Sequenced by: J Craig Venter Institute
Protein-coding Genes: 2883
5S rRNA Genes: 2
16s rRNA Genes: 0
23S rRNA Genes: 2
tRNA Genes: 47
Other non-coding rRNA Genes: 0
misc RNA Genes: 0
Ecological Info
Ecotype: N/A
Habitat: Aquatic
Temperature Range: Mesophilic
Isolation Method: None
Isolation Location: Sargasso Sea 33°45'N, 67°30'W
Additional Info: This organism is a member of clade VII. Genotypes of this clade have been detected in open ocean environments in the Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea), and Pacific Ocean. Microdiversity observed within the genus lends itself as a key organism for genomic studies
Alternative Names: None