External IDs
Taxonomy ID: 66501166
GenBank ID:

Environ Microbiol. 2010 Nov
Genomic analysis of oceanic cyanobacterial myoviruses compared with T4-like myoviruses from diverse hosts and environments.

PLoS One. 2010
Analysis of high-throughput sequencing and annotation strategies for phage genomes.

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Myovirus Genome S-SSM5
Genome Sequence Info

Size: 176184 bp
GC content: 39.96 %
Sequenced by: The Broad Institute
Protein-coding Genes: 225
5S rRNA Genes: 0
16s rRNA Genes: 0
23S rRNA Genes: 0
tRNA Genes: 4
Other non-coding rRNA Genes: 0
misc RNA Genes: 0
Ecological Info
Ecotype: N/A
Habitat: host
Temperature Range:
Isolation Method:
Isolation Location: Sargasso Sea 34°24'N, 72°03'W , 95m
Additional Info: host: SynWH8102
Alternative Names: G1166; 8102-12