Affymetrix Probeset: MED4_ARR_1891_x_at
Probeset Position: 664512..664620(-)
Number of probes: 3

Microarray Data of MED4_ARR_1891_x_at

Project Exp Time mean(T) mean(C) ratio(T/C) log2(T/C) q
Iron Availability -Fe 0 h NA NA None 0.449957 0.722342
Iron Availability -Fe 12 h NA NA None 0.810649 0.019598
Iron Availability -Fe 24 h NA NA None 0.902267 0.003331
Iron Availability -Fe 48 h NA NA None 1.495695 7e-05
Iron Availability -Fe 70 h rescue NA NA None -1.268817 1.8e-05

Protein Info: PMED4_07691 Conserved hypothetical protein

Location: 664508 - 664648 (-) on scaffold: NC_005072
Protein Length: 46 aa

Genome: MED4
Locus Tag: PMED4_07691
Alternative Tag: PMM1874
MicrobesOnline ID: VIMSS1203626
CyCOG: 3114(ID from pipeline) - 3114 (ID from previou versions)
CyCOG Size: 2

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Affymetrix Probeset: MED4_ARR_1891_x_at

GO Annotations from ARGOT2 (total Score, internal_confidence, information_content)
GO ID GO Aspect GO Term Total Score Internal Confidence Information Content
None None None None None None

GO Annotations from CAMERA
Protein GO ID Pfam ID Description E-value
None None None None None

Pfam Annotations
Protein Pfam ID Name Description E-value
None None None None None

Enzyme Information
Protein EC Number Note
None None None